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Data and Ethernet Transmission over Copper, Fiber, and Wireless


Network Switch Considerations: [3 R's] and Selection Guide

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VIDEO: Overview of all data and Ethernet transmission options


Network/Ethernet Basics

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VIDEO: What is an Ethernet network media converter?


VIDEO: How do you setup a wireless Ethernet network point to point transmission system?


VIDEO: What is an SFP?


VIDEO: What is PoE?


VIDEO: PoE Power Supplies


VIDEO: Retrofit Strategies Part 1 - Options for maximizing infrastructure when migrating from analog to IP video


VIDEO: Retrofit Strategies Part 2A - Strategies to replace existing analog wiring with Ethernet infrastructure


VIDEO: Retrofit Strategies Part 2B - Network Design Considerations


VIDEO: Retrofit Strategies Part 2C - Deploying managed or unmanaged Ethernet switches


VIDEO: Retrofit Strategies Part 2D - Considerations for a multicast network environment


VIDEO: Retrofit Strategies Part 3 - Utilize existing cable infrastructure


Comnet PTD Brochure Image.jpgDevices for Critical Infrastructure

ComNet equipment offers greater value when designing and building highly reliable communications networks for deployment in harsh or difficult industrial and out-of-plant environments.

ComNet is a USA-based manufacturer of ruggedized Fiber optic, wireless, and copper media-based Ethernet, serial data, contact closure, T-1/E-1 telephony, audio, and video transmission equipment designed to solve the challenges encountered in difficult operating environments.

Download Comnet PTD Brochure here


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