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Secure Students and Staff                                    


Download the FREE K-12 Security Resource Kit

K-12 security is top of mind for parents and school administrators today.  Carrying out a school security evaluation, upgrading network infrastructure, obtaining equipment prices, applying for grants, designing the perfect security solution, and then monitoring the equipment real-time once installed are all challenges that are delegated to physical plant, business managers, IT departments, and school resource officers.  A project like yours takes coordination and buy-in at all levels as well as advice from security experts.

In the K-12 Security Resource Kit, you'll get:

  • for Administrators: information from DHS, FBI, USSS, and more on security planning and best practices
  • for School Resource Officers and Principals: how a local SRO & school staff use IP video daily
  • for Business Managers: grant resources from DHS and FEMA
  • for Business Managers: sample pricing for budgeting IP video and intrusion detection systems
  • for IT: IT Department's Video Surveillance Buyer's Guide
  • for Physical Plant: Fundamentals of IP Video eBook
  • plus many more guides and reports



Complete the form below to get access to the ZIP file download with dozens of resources from an equal number of phenominal entities: