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Secure Students and Staff

tmp-NEW-260314-zrmUsFHcWnu0bp0xDownload the FREE Campus Security Resource Kit

Campus security is top of mind for parents and school officials.  Upgrading network infrastructure, obtaining equipment prices, applying for grants, designing the perfect security solution, and then monitoring the equipment real-time once installed are all challenges that are delegated to physical plant, business managers, IT departments, and police officers.  A project like yours takes coordination and buy-in at all levels and advice from security experts.

In the Campus Security Resource Kit, you'll get:

  • for Administrators: information from DHS, FBI, USSS, NYPD, and more on security planning and best practices
  • for Police Officers and Staff: pre-planning resources for emergencies
  • for Business Managers: grant resources from Department of Homeland Security
  • for Business Managers: sample pricing for budgeting IP video and intrusion detection systems
  • for IT: IT Department's Video Surveillance Buyer's Guide
  • for Physical Plant: Fundamentals of IP Video eBook
  • plus many more guides and reports


Complete the short form below and get immediate access to the FREE ZIP folder containing dozens of documents from dozens of leading agencies: