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10 Steps: IP Video Journey

We've taken the pain out of the process . . .

We've created easy-read documents and simple resources to educate and assist you along your journey to a safer work or education environment. Our site has great resources, however this dedicated 10 Step process contains the specific documents and tools you need for each stage of your IP Video Journey.

Step 1     PLEASE and DORI: Basic Concepts in Video Surveillance


Step 4     IP Video Buyer's Guide


Step 6     SITE SURVEYS:  Video | Perimeter | Intrusion

Site Survey - Video Surveillance Cover Image 3-2017 SPIRAL.png            


Step 7     Demonstration: Try Before You Buy



Step 9     Network & Power: Infrastructure Considerations



We're here to help guide the way at any point of your IP Video Journey. Please connect with us personally. If you're not in our geographic area, we'll connect you to our colleage in your area.